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Sonic Youth is an influential American alternative rock band formed in New York City in 1981. The core members of the band are Thurston Moore (vocals and guitar), Kim Gordon (vocals, bass guitar), Lee Ranaldo (vocals and guitar), and Steve Shelley (drums). Sonic Youth is renowned for their avant-garde and experimental approach to music, blending elements of noise, punk rock, and art-rock to create a distinctive sound that challenged conventional musical norms.

Throughout their career, Sonic Youth released numerous albums that pushed the boundaries of rock music. Their 1988 album Daydream Nation is often considered a landmark in alternative rock and showcased their ability to combine intricate guitar work with poetic lyrics. Goo (1990) and Dirty (1992) are also highly regarded albums that further solidified their status as pioneers of the alternative music scene.

Sonic Youth‘s influence on the music industry extends beyond their own recordings. They played a pivotal role in popularizing alternative and indie rock, paving the way for countless bands that followed. Their commitment to experimentation, dissonance, and unconventional song structures left an indelible mark on the music landscape. In 2011, after nearly three decades of music-making, Sonic Youth went on an indefinite hiatus, leaving behind a rich and enduring legacy in the world of alternative and experimental rock.

Sonic Youth: Washing Machine

Sonic Youth: “Becuz Coda” from Washing Machine

About “Becuz Coda” “Becuz Coda” is a hidden song by Sonic Youth from their album Washing Machine. The track listing on the album’s back cover does not include track #9 – it goes from...