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Sonic Youth: Washing Machine

About “Becuz Coda”

“Becuz Coda” is a hidden song by Sonic Youth from their album Washing Machine.

The track listing on the album’s back cover does not include track #9 – it goes from #8 to #10. The band has officially confirmed the title to be “Becuz Coda.”

About Washing Machine

Sonic Youth’s Washing Machine, released in 1995, stands as a significant milestone in the band’s experimental discography. This album blends noise-rock, avant-garde textures, and catchy melodies, showcasing their unique sonic prowess. The sprawling 20-minute opus “The Diamond Sea” is a standout, representing the band’s willingness to venture into uncharted musical territories. Washing Machine also features tracks like “Becuz” and “Little Trouble Girl,” highlighting Sonic Youth’s ability to strike a balance between experimentalism and accessibility. The album’s return to their guitar-driven roots solidified their status as pioneers in alternative rock, and it continues to resonate with fans and musicians, serving as a testament to their enduring influence.

How to find “Becuz Coda”

On CD: Go to track #9

Listen to “Becuz Coda”

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