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HiddenSongs.com was founded in 2001 as the Hidden Song Archive. It was the first site to attempt to collect information on songs, music, and other interesting tracks “hidden” on CDs and even vinyl records.

In 2003 we moved to our own domain at HiddenSongs.com and eventually made that our name. As the site became more popular, we received hundreds of submissions from readers. We’ve been featured in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and numerous other places as the authority on recorded hidden music.

Links to order or preorder CDs, vinyl, and other merchandise are for the US unless otherwise stated.

HiddenSongs.com is not affiliated with any artist or record label.

All photos and lyrics are copyright their respective owners.

Album covers are displayed solely to illustrate the audio recording in question and qualify as fair use under United States copyright law.

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us with any questions, comments, additions, or corrections.