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Welcome to HiddenSongs.com – a comprehensive listing of hidden and unlisted tracks from albums by all types of artists throughout the history of recorded music, from vinyl records to cassettes to compact discs to MP3s.

What is a hidden song?

A hidden track (also known as a “ghost track” or “easter egg”) is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket. On a CD, usually the song is accessed by playing the final track through then going through a brief moment of silence. Sometimes they are even found by rewinding past the beginning of the first track!

An unlisted track is different because the hidden song has its own track and can be directly accessed without having to go through the previous song, it’s just not listed with the other songs on the album on the back of the sleeve.

Hidden tracks can be live recordings, alternate takes or mixes, or studio outtakes. Not all hidden tracks are songs; sometimes they are made up of studio banter or interviews. Many times you will find that the hidden track is an experimental avenue for the artist to create music or sounds that they wouldn’t normally otherwise release, or which do not fit the overall vibe of the album they are found on.

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