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Z-Rock Hawaii: Z-Rock Hawaii

About “Hexagon”

“Hexagon” is a hidden song by Z-Rock Hawaii from their album Z-Rock Hawaii.

It’s a very strange track. Without the context of the album and the prior songs, one might find it to be creepy.

About Z-Rock Hawaii

Z-Rock Hawaii was a supergroup from Hawaii known for their energetic and eclectic sound. The band was made up of Gene Ween, Dean Ween and Claude Coleman Jr. of Ween collaborating with Yamantaka Eye, Seiichi Yamamoto, Yoshimi P-We, and Yoshikawa Toyohito of Boredoms. Their 1996 self-titled album, Z-Rock Hawaii, showcased their unique blend of alternative rock, punk, and surf rock influences. The album featured a mix of fast-paced, high-energy tracks and melodic, catchy songs.

Z-Rock Hawaii captured the band’s raw and spirited performances, with a mix of driving guitar riffs, infectious melodies, and dynamic vocals. The album displayed a range of emotions and themes, from songs about personal experiences and relationships to social commentary.

While Z-Rock Hawaii may not have achieved mainstream commercial success, Z-Rock Hawaii remains a notable release within the alternative rock scene of the 1990s, showcasing the band’s distinctive sound and musical prowess.

How to find “Hexagon”

On CD: Play through “Sunset Over Osaka”

Listen to “Hexagon”

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