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Yes: Open Your Eyes

About this hidden track

(Title Unknown) is a hidden song by Yes from their album Open Your Eyes.

Begins with what appears to be the sound of crickets, then an ocean, birds, then small vocal sections from the songs on the album sprinkled about at random. This whole strange thing starts at and goes on until 23:48.

About Open Your Eyes

Yes’s album Open Your Eyes, released in 1997, marked a transitional phase for the legendary progressive rock band. While it didn’t receive the same acclaim as their earlier classics, the album showcased Yes’s enduring musicality. With Billy Sherwood joining as a vocalist and guitarist, the band ventured into a more accessible, pop-oriented sound. While songs like the title track “Open Your Eyes” and “New State of Mind” have a radio-friendly polish, they retained Yes’s signature harmonies and complex arrangements. While not a standout in their discography, Open Your Eyes is a testament to Yes’s adaptability, exploring new musical avenues while remaining rooted in their progressive rock legacy.”

How to find this hidden track

On CD: Begins at 7:25 of track #9 (“The Solution”)

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