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Yes: Fragile

About “We Have Heaven (Reprise)”

“We Have Heaven (Reprise)” is a hidden song by Yes from their album Fragile.

Appears around 30 seconds after “Heart Of The Sunrise,” the last track on the album, ends.

About Fragile

Yes’s album Fragile, released in 1971, is a seminal work in the progressive rock genre. The album showcases the band’s virtuosic musicianship, intricate compositions, and distinctive vocal harmonies. “Roundabout,” one of the album’s standout tracks, is celebrated for its complex time signatures and memorable bassline. “Long Distance Runaround” and “Heart of the Sunrise” further demonstrate Yes’s mastery of progressive rock dynamics.

What makes Fragile notable is the inclusion of solo pieces from each band member, highlighting their individual talents. The album’s Roger Dean-designed cover art also became iconic. Fragile solidified Yes as pioneers of the progressive rock movement, leaving a lasting impact on the genre’s evolution.

How to find “We Have Heaven (Reprise)”

On CD: Play through track #9 (“Heart of the Sunrise”)

Listen to “We Have Heaven (Reprise)”

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  1. SheepPF says:

    Little note, does not appear on all copies of the album, Some releases have the missing track missing: such as the 2003 remaster on Spotify.

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