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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever To Tell

About “Porcelain”

“Porcelain” is a hidden song by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from their album Fever To Tell.

“Porcelain” is a demo recorded by Karen O at home and which was eventually recorded as “Poor Song.”

About Fever To Tell

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ debut album, “Fever to Tell,” released in 2003, is a visceral and electrifying masterpiece that thrust the New York City band into the indie rock limelight. Karen O’s charismatic and unapologetic vocals, coupled with the raw guitar work of Nick Zinner, define the album’s explosive sound. Tracks like “Maps” and “Date with the Night” exhibit a fierce blend of punk, garage rock, and post-punk influences, while Karen O’s emotionally charged lyrics and captivating stage presence established her as an iconic frontwoman. “Fever to Tell” remains a landmark of the early 2000s indie scene, celebrated for its intensity and fearless creativity.

How to find “Porcelain”

On CD: Begins at 4:24 of track #11 (“Modern Romance”)

Listen to “Porcelain”

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