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XTC: Coat of Many Cupboards

About “Shaving Brush Boogie”

“Shaving Brush Boogie” is a hidden song by XTC from their album Coat of Many Cupboards.

A studio jam from The Drunken Jam Sessions.

About Coat of Many Cupboards

Coat of Many Cupboards is a comprehensive box set compilation by British rock band XTC, released in 2002. The collection provides a rich retrospective of the band’s eclectic career, spanning from their late 1970s punk and new wave roots to their later, more experimental sound. It features rare tracks, demos, B-sides, and unreleased material, offering fans an extensive journey through XTC’s musical evolution. With hits like “Making Plans for Nigel” and “Senses Working Overtime,” the album showcases the band’s distinctive songwriting, lyrical wit, and innovative arrangements. Coat of Many Cupboards is a treasure trove for XTC enthusiasts, highlighting their enduring influence on alternative rock.

How to find “Shaving Brush Boogie”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1 on disc #3

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