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Willie Nelson: Crazy: The Demo Sessions

About “Within Your Crowd (demo)”

“Within Your Crowd (demo)” is a hidden song by Willie Nelson from his album Crazy: The Demo Sessions.

“Within Your Crowd” was originally written and recorded by Willie Nelson for his 1965 album Country Willie: His Own Songs.

About Crazy: The Demo Sessions

Crazy: The Demo Sessions is a unique compilation album by legendary country music artist Willie Nelson. Released in 2003, the album offers a glimpse into the early years of Nelson’s career, between 1960 and 1966, featuring raw and intimate demo recordings of some of his most iconic songs.

The album showcases Nelson’s distinctive songwriting talent and his ability to infuse emotion into his music. The stripped-down nature of the demos allows the listener to appreciate the essence and beauty of Nelson’s songcraft, as well as his unmistakable vocal style.

Crazy: The Demo Sessions includes well-known tracks like “Crazy,” “Night Life,” and “Funny How Time Slips Away,” all of which have become classics in the country music genre. These demo versions capture the essence of Nelson’s artistry and offer a fresh perspective on his songwriting process.

For fans of Willie Nelson, Crazy: The Demo Sessions is a treasure trove of musical gems that provide a captivating glimpse into the early stages of his remarkable career.

How to find “Within Your Crowd (demo)”

On CD: Go directly to track #16 (third of three songs)

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