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Wilco: Summerteeth

About “Candyfloss”

“Candyfloss” is a hidden song by Wilco from their album Summerteeth.

The first of two hidden songs on Summerteeth, preceding “A Shot In The Arm (remix).”

About Summerteeth

Wilco’s album Summerteeth, released in 1999, is a sonic departure for the band, marking a transition from their alt-country roots toward a more expansive and experimental sound. With lush arrangements and intricate songwriting, the album delves into themes of love, addiction, and disillusionment. Songs like “A Shot in the Arm” and “Via Chicago” are emotionally charged and beautifully crafted. Summerteeth showcases Jeff Tweedy’s evolving songwriting and Wilco’s willingness to embrace sonic experimentation, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and even a touch of psychedelia. The album is a testament to Wilco’s artistic growth and their ability to create music that is both introspective and musically adventurous.

How to find “Candyfloss”

On CD: Begins 23 seconds after the end of track #14 (“In A Future Age”)

Listen to “Candyfloss”

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