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Viktor Vaughn: Vaudeville Villain

About “Change The Beat”

“Change The Beat” is a hidden song by Viktor Vaughn from his album Vaudeville Villain.

Unlisted track previously released on 12″.

About Vaudeville Villain

Vaudeville Villain is the second studio album by British-American rapper MF DOOM under his alter ego Viktor Vaughn, released in 2003. This concept album presents a narrative-driven, comic book-inspired storyline that explores the life of Viktor Vaughn, a time-traveling, villainous character.

The album is characterized by DOOM’s intricate rhymes, complex wordplay, and his signature masked supervillain persona. Tracks like “Lickupon” and “A Dead Mouse” showcase his lyrical dexterity and storytelling prowess.

Vaudeville Villain is praised for its creativity and DOOM’s ability to craft a captivating narrative through his rhymes. It’s a standout release in his extensive discography, appealing to fans of underground and alternative hip-hop.

How to find “Change The Beat”

On CD: Go directly to track #17

Listen to “Change The Beat”

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