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The Used: The Used

About “Polly/Choke Me”

“Polly/Choke Me” is a hidden song by The Used from their album The Used.

Just past the 8-minute mark of “Pieces Mended” (track #12) begins “Polly,” in which lead singer Bert McCracken is heard laughing followed by a fat stripper wishing him a happy birthday (the video of this can be seen on their first CD/DVD Maybe Memories). This is followed by the song “Choke Me” (also referred to incorrectly as “Choke On This”)

About The Used

The self-titled album by American rock band The Used, often referred to as The Used or “The Used debut album,” was released in 2002 and marked the band’s explosive entrance into the post-hardcore and emo music scenes. Produced by John Feldmann, the album is known for its emotional intensity, raw energy, and emotionally charged lyrics.

Songs like “The Taste of Ink” and “Buried Myself Alive” became anthems of the early 2000s alternative music era, showcasing the band’s ability to blend aggressive guitar riffs with heartfelt, introspective lyrics. The album’s visceral sound and deeply personal themes resonated with a generation of fans, solidifying The Used as a prominent force in the alternative rock landscape.

How to find “Polly/Choke Me”

On CD: Begins at 8:01 of track #12 (“Pieces Mended”)

Listen to “Polly/Choke Me”

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