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This track derived from Scott Ruston’s love of the westerns and Ennio Morricone’s film scores. Scott’s atonal narrative vocals give this song the feel of a modern update on Lee Marvin’s “Wanderin’ Star”, with Morricone’s influence embedded in the production. The “cowboy” footsteps complete with spur noises at the beginning of the song are actually two individual samples recorded by tying a set of keys to a shoe, then treading in a cat litter tray (clean, of course)! The music box at the end of the track was a recording of Andrew’s mother’s jewelery box. Backing vocals are by both Andrew Morrison and Fraser Kennedy. It featured as a hidden track at the end of the album, as it was not typical of Trust No One’s style of music, but was nevertheless one of the band’s favourite recordings. It was later edited and remixed and released online as a downloadable mp3 single. Written by Ruston/Kennedy/Morrison.

How to find it: Play through the last track (“Excuses”)

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