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Travis: 12 Memories

About “Some Sad Song”

“Some Sad Song” is a hidden song by Travis from their album 12 Memories.

Fran Healy’s notes on the song, taken from the Travis website: “The hidden track of the album. This is the first song I wrote on piano. My A&R man Andy Mac got me a Steinway Baby Grand for my 27th birthday and it sat in storage until I had some space to give it a home. Then it sat in my room until I found some time to sit down and play it, so it wasn’t until last year that I finally got to it. A good A&R gift. Andy is one of the last great A&R men. Anyway, this song is about my problems with the Catholic church and with authority in general. In the church, one day you’ll get hurt. The cornerstone of the Catholic faith is that if you’re good you’ll get into heaven. Whatever happened to just being good without payback? And all this child abuse stuff! And confessions, come on! I would smell the priest’s alcohol breath through the confessional and wonder what it was. Catholic guilt is awful. Just be good and love life. Jesus! Now he had the right idea. They just kept the name and changed the flavour. Much like everything these days.”

About 12 Memories

12 Memories is the fourth studio album by the Scottish band Travis, released in 2003. This album marked a departure from the band’s earlier, more straightforward pop-rock sound, as it delved into more mature and introspective themes.

Tracks like “Re-Offender” and “The Beautiful Occupation” touch on subjects such as addiction and social issues, showing a deeper lyrical complexity. The album also includes more experimental elements, incorporating strings and diverse musical textures.

While 12 Memories didn’t achieve the same commercial success as some of their earlier works, it’s appreciated by fans for its artistic growth and willingness to tackle weightier subject matter. The album reflects Travis’ evolving sound and willingness to push creative boundaries.

How to find “Some Sad Song”

On CD: Begins at 4:48 of track #11 (“Walking Down the Hill”)

Listen to “Some Sad Song”

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