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Tom Waits: Real Gone

About “Chick A Boom”

“Chick A Boom” is a hidden song by Tom Waits from his album Real Gone.

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About Real Gone

Tom Waits’ album Real Gone is a gritty, experimental masterpiece released in 2004. Departing from his more conventional styles, Waits dives headfirst into a sonic landscape of raw percussion, distorted guitars, and unconventional instrumentation. The album’s title track sets the tone with its clanging rhythms and Waits’ distinctive gravelly vocals.

Real Gone is a sonic collage, blending blues, rock, and avant-garde elements with Waits’ signature storytelling prowess. Lyrically, it’s a journey through the shadows of society, touching on themes of love, loss, and the human condition. Waits’ unconventional instrumentation choices, like junkyard percussion, create an eerie, industrial atmosphere that underscores the album’s dark, haunting narratives. Real Gone is a testament to Waits’ relentless creativity and willingness to push musical boundaries.

How to find “Chick A Boom”

On CD: Play through track #15

Listen to “Chick A Boom”

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