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Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever

About “Hello CD Listeners”

“Hello CD Listeners” is a hidden song by Tom Petty from his album Full Moon Fever.

A short spoken-word message from Tom Petty: “Hello, CD listeners. We’ve come to the point in this album where those listening on cassette or record will have to stand up – or sit down – and turn over the record – or tape. In fairness to those listeners, we’ll now take a few seconds before we begin side two. Thank you. Here is side two.”

About Full Moon Fever

Full Moon Fever is the debut solo studio album by American musician Tom Petty, released in 1989. Although it is a solo album, it features contributions from various members of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, including guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboardist Benmont Tench. The album was produced by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra fame.

Full Moon Fever is known for its rootsy, melodic rock sound and introspective lyrics. It spawned several successful singles, including “Free Fallin'”, “I Won’t Back Down”, and “Runnin’ Down a Dream”, which became signature songs for Petty. The album achieved commercial success and reached multi-platinum status in the United States.

The album showcases Petty’s songwriting talent and his ability to craft memorable hooks and heartfelt melodies. It explores themes of personal reflection, perseverance, and the pursuit of freedom. With its timeless sound and universal appeal, Full Moon Fever remains a beloved and influential record in Tom Petty’s discography and the rock genre as a whole.

How to find “Hello CD Listeners”

On CD: Play through track 5 (“Runnin’ Down a Dream”)

Listen to “Hello CD Listeners”

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2 Responses

  1. Rainer says:

    Dieser Hidden Track befindet sich nicht auf der CD 255929-2 (MCAD-6253) (Germany Edition)

  2. Zombie says:

    Was a zombie making groaning noises before “hello cd listeners…” might be a different song thinking about

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