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Information about the hidden track "Who I Am (reprise)" by Third Day from the album Conspiracy No. 5 including background information and how to find it.

About “Don’t Let Me Go”

“Don’t Let Me Go” is a hidden song by Third Day from their album Offerings: A Worship Album.

This song was originally recorded as a demo. It is the only Third Day song on which guitarist Mark Lee sings lead vocals. Mr. Lee has said it is a shame it ended up as a hidden track, since it is some of his best steel guitar work.

About Offerings: A Worship Album

Offerings: A Worship Album is an album by the Christian rock band Third Day, released in 2000. This album features a collection of worship songs that resonate with themes of faith and devotion.

Notable tracks on the album include “King of Glory” and “Agnus Dei,” which showcase Third Day’s powerful live sound and their ability to create a spiritually uplifting atmosphere. The album was well-received in the Christian music community, and its success helped solidify Third Day’s reputation as a leading figure in contemporary Christian rock.

Offerings: A Worship Album remains a beloved and influential worship album, known for its heartfelt and anthemic approach to faith-based music.

How to find “Don’t Let Me Go”

On CD: Play through the last track

Listen to “Don’t Let Me Go”

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  1. Revdrum says:

    The song plays starting around 6 minutes and 33 secs.

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