Third Day: “Who I Am (reprise)” from Conspiracy No. 5

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Third Day: Conspiracy No. 5

About “Who I Am (reprise)”

“Who I Am (reprise)” is a hidden song by Third Day from their album Conspiracy No. 5.

A slightly more aggressive version of the tenth track.

About Conspiracy No. 5

Conspiracy No. 5 is the third studio album by the Christian rock band Third Day, released in 1997. This album marked a crucial phase in the band’s career, demonstrating their evolving sound and songwriting prowess.

The album features tracks like “Alien” and “I Deserve?” that showcase Third Day’s signature blend of rock and spirituality. Lyrically, the songs often explore themes of faith and personal introspection, with a raw and heartfelt delivery.

While Conspiracy No. 5 didn’t achieve the same level of commercial success as some of their later albums, it played a vital role in establishing Third Day as a respected figure in Christian rock music. The album remains a significant part of their early discography, reflecting their growth as artists and their commitment to faith-based rock.

How to find “Who I Am (reprise)”

On CD: Begins at 5:10 of track #13 (“Your Love Endures”)

Listen to “Who I Am (reprise)”

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