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They Might Be Giants: Severe Tire Damage

About “This Ape’s for You”

“This Ape’s for You” is a hidden song by They Might Be Giants from their album Severe Tire Damage.

After track #17, “About Me”, ends, there is about two minutes of silence before going on to track #18, where begins a live improv of songs centered around the Planet Of The Apes films. Unlisted on the back cover, but in the album notes it says, “18-24 were created spontaneously, live on stage.”

About Severe Tire Damage

They Might Be Giants are known for their unconventional and creative approach to music, and Severe Tire Damage is no exception. This album, released in 2001, captures the essence of their live performances, featuring recordings from various shows during their tours.

Tracks like “Doctor Worm” and “She’s Actual Size” display the band’s quirky and humorous lyrics combined with catchy melodies.Severe Tire Damage also includes a cover of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills,” given the distinctive They Might Be Giants treatment.

While not a traditional studio album, Severe Tire Damage offers an entertaining and often whimsical listening experience that showcases the band’s unique charm and energetic stage presence. It’s a delightful addition to their discography for dedicated fans and a great introduction to their live performances.

How to find “This Ape’s for You”

On CD: Go directly to track #24

Listen to “This Ape’s for You”

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