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Prince: New Power Soul

About “Wasted Kisses”

“Wasted Kisses” is a hidden song by The New Power Generation from their album New Power Soul.

Plays on track #49. Tracks #11-48 are all silent.

About New Power Soul

New Power Soul is the third studio album by The New Power Generation, the backing band of the iconic musician Prince. Released in 1998, the album continues the band’s exploration of funk, soul, and R&B-infused sounds while infusing modern elements of hip-hop and electronic music.

The album features a vibrant and energetic mix of songs that showcase the band’s tight musicianship and Prince’s unmistakable influence. Tracks like “Come On” and “Freaks on This Side” exude a raw and infectious energy, while “The One” and “Wasted Kisses” offer smooth and soulful melodies. The album also includes the standout single “The Good Life,” which became a fan favorite.

New Power Soul captures The New Power Generation’s ability to blend different musical genres seamlessly while staying true to their funk roots. The album received positive reviews for its infectious grooves, catchy hooks, and the band’s impressive musicianship. It stands as a testament to the band’s musical prowess and their ability to keep the funk alive in the late ’90s.

How to find “Wasted Kisses”

On CD: Go directly to track #49

Listen to “Wasted Kisses”

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