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The Fireman: Electric Arguments

About “Road Trip”

“Road Trip” is a hidden song by The Fireman from their album Electric Arguments.

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About Electric Arguments

The Fireman is the experimental music project of legendary Beatles member Paul McCartney and producer/musician Youth. The duo’s third and final album, Electric Arguments, was released in 2008 and marked a departure from their previous two instrumental works. This time, they explored a wide range of genres, from blues and folk to psychedelic and electronic, with McCartney even experimenting with his vocal range on several tracks.

The album is a playful and creative offering, with tracks like “Sing the Changes” and “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight” showcasing the duo’s knack for crafting catchy melodies and intricate arrangements. Other standout tracks include the dreamy “Travelling Light” and the bluesy “Highway,” both of which feature McCartney’s emotive vocals.

Electric Arguments demonstrates the breadth of McCartney’s musical abilities and highlights his willingness to experiment and push boundaries. It is a testament to the enduring creativity of one of the greatest musical icons of our time.

How to find “Road Trip”

On CD: Begins at 7:57 of track #13 (“Don’t Stop Running”)

Listen to “Road Trip”

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