The Eternals: “Genesis” from Astropioneers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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The Eternals: Astropioneers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

About “Genesis”

“Genesis” is a hidden song by The Eternals from their album Astropioneers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

“Genesis” is an extended version of track 2, “Walk For Me”. Recorded at Vinyl Fever Studio (South of France). Composed by The Eternals and Madji’k and produced by Madji’k.

About Astropioneers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Eternals is a Chicago-based band that has gained a cult following for its eclectic blend of styles that includes elements of rock, reggae, dub, and Afro-Caribbean music. The band’s 2004 album Astropioneers is an experimental and highly atmospheric soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi film that explores themes of space travel and extraterrestrial life. The album features a variety of textures and sounds that create a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere, with dubby basslines, spacious guitar melodies, and ethereal vocal harmonies. The band’s use of electronic effects, live instrumentation, and unconventional song structures creates a unique and captivating sonic landscape that evokes both the vastness of space and the mystery of the unknown. The album’s highlights include the hypnotic title track, the trippy dub of “Starship Africa,” and the cinematic “Star Child.” Astropioneers is a fascinating and highly immersive listening experience that showcases The Eternals’ unique vision and creative spirit.

How to find “Genesis”

On CD: Play through the last track (#15, “Strange World”)

Listen to “Genesis”


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