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The Cure: Three Imaginary Boys

About “The Weedy Burton”

“The Weedy Burton” is a hidden song by The Cure from their album Three Imaginary Boys.

Named after Bert Weedon, who wrote Play in a Day, an influential book on playing the guitar as well as the first UK guitar player to have a hit in the UK charts. The title was not officially named until the 2004 deluxe edition reissue of the album.

About Three Imaginary Boys

The Cure’s debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, released in 1979, features a collection of post-punk tracks with an undeniable pop sensibility. The album showcases the band’s raw energy and unique approach to songwriting, incorporating elements of punk, new wave, and art-rock.

The opening track, “10:15 Saturday Night,” sets the tone with its driving bassline and catchy guitar hooks. Other standout tracks include “Fire in Cairo,” with its hypnotic rhythms and haunting vocals, and “Grinding Halt,” with its frenetic guitar work and urgent vocals.

While not as commercially successful as some of The Cure’s later albums, Three Imaginary Boys is a seminal work in the band’s discography and helped to establish their signature sound. The album’s blend of dark lyrics, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms would go on to influence countless artists in the post-punk and new wave genres.

How to find “The Weedy Burton”

On CD: Begins about a minute after the end of the last song (“Three Imaginary Boys”)

Listen to “The Weedy Burton”

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