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Tenacious D: Tenacious D

About “Malibu Nights”

“Malibu Nights” is a hidden song by Tenacious D from their album Tenacious D.

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About Tenacious D

The self-titled album Tenacious D by the American comedy rock duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass, known as Tenacious D, was released in 2001. This album is a comedic and musical tour de force that combines hilarious skits with genuinely impressive rock and acoustic folk songs.

Notable tracks like “Tribute,” “Wonderboy,” and “Fuck Her Gently” showcase the duo’s musical prowess and their penchant for crafting catchy, humorous, and often profane lyrics. The album’s humor is irreverent and witty, blending elements of rock opera with tongue-in-cheek storytelling.

Tenacious D achieved cult status and garnered a dedicated fan base, setting the stage for the duo’s continued success in both music and comedy. The album remains a beloved classic for those who appreciate a unique blend of humor and rock music.

How to find “Malibu Nights”

On CD: Begins at 8:14 of track #21 (“City Hall”)

Listen to “Malibu Nights”

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