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Tally Hall: Good & Evil

About “Light & Night”

“Light & Night” is a hidden song by Tally Hall from their album Good & Evil.

Only included on the Needlejuice Records edition of the album originally released through Walmart. The track also appears on the soundtrack to the Netflix film The Magician’s Elephant.

About Good & Evil

Good & Evil is Tally Hall’s second studio album, released in 2011, marking a significant moment in their unique musical journey. The album, split into two distinct halves, explores the contrast between light and dark, good and evil. With its vibrant and quirky pop sound, the “Good” side offers catchy melodies and whimsical lyrics, reflecting the band’s trademark charm. Meanwhile, the “Evil” side delves into darker, more experimental territory, showcasing Tally Hall’s versatility. The album’s thematic duality and eclectic mix of genres, from indie rock to orchestral pop, demonstrate the band’s inventive approach, making Good & Evil an enduring fan favorite in alternative music.

How to find “Light & Night”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1.

Listen to “Light & Night”

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