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Tait: Empty

About this hidden track

A series of humorous answering machine messages with Michael Tait doing various character impersonations. Also features a short joke-oriented piece which could be called “My Buddy Bud.”

About Empty

Empty is the debut studio album by the Christian rock band Tait, released in 2001. Fronted by former DC Talk member Michael Tait, the album marked a new chapter in Tait’s musical career, blending rock, pop, and Christian themes.

Empty features tracks like “Alibi” and “All You Got,” which showcase Tait’s powerful vocals and the band’s ability to deliver catchy, anthemic rock songs with spiritually uplifting messages. Empty was well-received in the Christian music scene and found success on Christian radio.

While Tait’s mainstream success didn’t match that of DC Talk, Empty remains a significant release in the contemporary Christian music genre, known for its accessible yet spiritually resonant rock sound.

How to find this hidden track

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track 1 to -6:48

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