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Pearl Jam: Lost Dogs

Pearl Jam: “4/20/02” from Lost Dogs

Written by Eddie Vedder immediately after he found out about the death of Layne Staley. How to find it: Play through the last track (“Bee Girl”) Submitted by: brian avery, Stone, pearl jam fan Buy the...

Pearl Jam: Binaural

Pearl Jam: “Writer’s Block” from Binaural

Consists of a typewriter being banged on. The last page of the album booklet contains a jumbled mess of letters repeated over and over down the page, suggesting that it is what came from...

Pearl Jam: Yield

Pearl Jam: “Hummus” from Yield

No description available. How to find it: Play through the last track (“All Those Yesterdays”) Submitted by: EAM Buy the CD, MP3 album, or vinyl at Amazon (US)

Pearl Jam: Ten

Pearl Jam: “Master/Slave” from Ten

A two-part track that both opens and closes Ten. The first part begins the album, before “Once” starts, and the second part closes the album, after “Release”. There are no credits for the song...