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Super Furry Animals: Out Spaced

About “Spaced Out”

“Spaced Out” is a hidden song by Super Furry Animals from their album Out Spaced.

No description available.

About Out Spaced

Out Spaced is a compilation album by the Welsh psychedelic rock band Super Furry Animals, released in 1998. This album is a collection of B-sides, rare tracks, and unreleased material from the band’s early years, making it a treasure trove for dedicated fans.

The album reflects the band’s eclectic and experimental approach to music, featuring a wide range of styles from psychedelic rock to electronic and pop elements. Tracks like “Blerwytirhwng?” and “Smokin'” exemplify the band’s whimsical and genre-blurring sound.

Out Spaced provides insight into Super Furry Animals’ creative evolution and their willingness to push musical boundaries. It’s a testament to their ability to craft engaging and unconventional music that continues to captivate listeners interested in alternative and psychedelic rock.

How to find “Spaced Out”

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track #1 (“The Man Don’t Give A Fuck”)

Listen to “Spaced Out”

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