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Sum 41: Underclass Hero

About “Look At Me”

“Look At Me” is a hidden song by Sum 41 from their album Underclass Hero.

Features Deryck Whibley on acoustic guitar. Not available on all editions of the album.

About Underclass Hero

Underclass Hero is the fourth studio album by Canadian rock band Sum 41, released in 2007. This album marked a return to the band’s punk rock roots after briefly exploring a more alternative rock sound on their previous release.

Known for their catchy melodies and energetic punk anthems, Sum 41 delivered tracks like the title song “Underclass Hero” and “Walking Disaster” that resonate with themes of rebellion and personal introspection. The album is characterized by its fast-paced, guitar-driven sound and frontman Deryck Whibley’s signature vocals.

While Underclass Hero didn’t quite achieve the same commercial success as some of their earlier work, it was well-received by fans and demonstrated the band’s commitment to their punk rock origins. It remains a part of Sum 41’s extensive discography, showcasing their enduring presence in the punk rock scene.

How to find “Look At Me”

On CD: Begins about 2 minutes after the end of “So Long Goodbye” on track #14

Listen to “Look At Me”

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