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Suicide Silence: The Cleansing

About “Destruction Of A Statue”

“Destruction Of A Statue” is a hidden song by Suicide Silence from their album The Cleansing.

The song isn’t typical of other hidden tracks in that you need to do anything special to come across it, but it isn’t listed on the track list on the back of the CD (instead it’s off to the side, upside down and in a smaller font), and it is considered a hidden track.

About The Cleansing

The Cleansing is the debut studio album by American deathcore band Suicide Silence, released in 2007. This album marked a significant moment in the development of the deathcore genre, featuring a brutal and intense blend of death metal and hardcore elements.

Notable tracks on the album include “No Pity for a Coward” and “Bludgeoned to Death,” which are characterized by their guttural growls, pummeling guitar riffs, and relentless drumming. Lyrically, the album often delves into themes of violence and brutality.

The Cleansing received critical acclaim within the deathcore and extreme metal scenes and is regarded as a seminal release that helped popularize the genre. It established Suicide Silence as a prominent figure in the world of heavy and aggressive music.

How to find “Destruction Of A Statue”

On CD: Play through track #12 (“Green Monster”)

Listen to “Destruction Of A Statue”

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