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Sugar Ray: Lemonade And Brownies

About “One Brave Cowboy”

“One Brave Cowboy” is a hidden song by Sugar Ray from their album Lemonade And Brownies.

An acoustic, country-sounding song that sounds like it was recorded with a personal tape recorder.

About Lemonade And Brownies

Lemonade And Brownies is the debut studio album by the American rock band Sugar Ray, released in 1995. The album marked the band’s early foray into the music scene with a distinctive mix of alternative rock, punk, and funk influences. Actress Nicole Eggert is featured on the cover.

The album features a raw and edgy sound, with tracks like “Mean Machine” and “Danzig Needs a Hug” showcasing their irreverent and energetic style. Sugar Ray’s frontman, Mark McGrath, delivers lyrics with a playful and sometimes tongue-in-cheek attitude.

While Lemonade And Brownies did not achieve the same commercial success as some of Sugar Ray’s later albums, it laid the foundation for their career and demonstrated their potential as a band willing to experiment with various musical styles.

How to find “One Brave Cowboy”

On CD: Begins about 2 minutes after the end of “Streaker”

Listen to “One Brave Cowboy”

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