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Styx: The Serpent Is Rising

About “Plexiglass Toilet”

“Plexiglass Toilet” is a hidden song by Styx from their album The Serpent Is Rising.

The LP was originally released in 1974. Track four of the CD is “As Bad As This.” When this song ends it goes right into another song that is not listed on the CD cover. It is called “Plexiglass Toilet.” It’s a very funny, odd little ditty lasting about 3 minutes and done in a calypso style.

About The Serpent Is Rising

The Serpent Is Rising is the third studio album by the American rock band Styx, released in 1973. This early release in Styx’s discography showcases the band’s progressive rock and hard rock influences as they began to define their signature sound. It is described as a loose concept album with numerous sexual innuendos.

While not as commercially successful as some of their later works, the album contains tracks like “Witch Wolf” and “Young Man” that exemplify the band’s evolving musical style and lyrical themes. The Serpent Is Rising helped Styx solidify their place in the burgeoning progressive rock scene of the 1970s.

Lead singer Dennis DeYoung described the album as “one of the worst recorded and produced in the history of music.”

Although it may not be as well-known as some of their later albums, The Serpent Is Rising is a noteworthy piece of Styx’s musical journey, offering a glimpse into their early experimentation and growth as a band.

How to find “Plexiglass Toilet”

On vinyl: Play through the track “As Bad as This”

Listen to “Plexiglass Toilet”

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