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Staind: Dysfunction

About “Excess Baggage”

“Excess Baggage” is a hidden song by Staind from their album Dysfunction.

Starts off with the sound effects of someone walking into the studio getting out a chair and getting a drink of water and then goes into an awesomely depressing song with just Aaron in the studio with an acoustic guitar.

About Dysfunction

Dysfunction is the debut studio album by the American rock band Staind, released in 1999. This album marked the beginning of Staind’s successful career and introduced the world to their unique brand of post-grunge and nu-metal music.

The album is characterized by its raw, emotive lyrics penned by frontman Aaron Lewis, who often delves into themes of inner turmoil, personal struggles, and emotional pain. These introspective lyrics resonate with many listeners who appreciate the band’s sincerity and vulnerability.

Dysfunction includes standout tracks like “Just Go,” “Mudshovel,” and “Home,” which became staples of the nu-metal and alternative rock scenes in the late ’90s and early 2000s. The heavy, distorted guitar riffs and Lewis’s distinctive, soulful vocals contribute to the album’s dark and intense atmosphere.

While Staind would evolve their sound in subsequent albums, Dysfunction remains a significant and enduring part of their discography, showcasing their early talent and the emotional depth that would become a hallmark of their music.

How to find “Excess Baggage”

On CD: Begins at 16:20 of track 9 (“Spleen”)

Listen to “Excess Baggage”

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  1. Shaun says:

    Amazing song and album. Just turned 41, I can’t believe how fleeting time is. Also, we had it so damn good. Music now isn’t anywhere near what we used to have. “I’ll carry it with me, until I’m not alive.” 🤘🖤

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