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Slipknot: Slipknot

About “Mudslide”

“Mudslide” is a hidden song by Slipknot from their album Slipknot.

A brief conversation by the band. The first of two hidden tracks, preceding “Eeyore“.

About Slipknot

Slipknot’s self-titled album, often referred to as Slipknot, is a landmark release in the world of heavy metal and nu-metal. Released in 1999, this debut album catapulted the band into international prominence and laid the foundation for their distinctive sound and image.

The album is a sonic onslaught, characterized by aggressive guitar riffs, pounding percussion, and Corey Taylor’s intense vocals. It features tracks like “Wait and Bleed,” “Spit It Out,” and “Eyeless,” which showcase the band’s chaotic and visceral style.

Beyond its musical intensity, the album’s iconic cover art and the band’s adoption of matching jumpsuits and masks added to Slipknot’s mystique and theatricality.

Slipknot received critical acclaim and connected with a generation of metal fans. It remains a touchstone of the nu-metal genre, known for its brutal honesty, anger, and ability to channel the frustrations and anxieties of its time.

How to find “Mudslide”

On CD: Begins at about 13:21 of the final track (“Scissors”)

Listen to “Mudslide”

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