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Skunk Anansie: Stoosh

About this hidden track

(Title Unknown) is a hidden song by Skunk Anansie from their album Stoosh.

A 40 second long hidden track consisting mostly of laughing.

About Stoosh

Stoosh is the second studio album by the British rock band Skunk Anansie, released in 1996. Building on the success of their debut album, Paranoid & Sunburnt, Stoosh further solidified Skunk Anansie’s reputation for their potent blend of alternative rock, punk, and post-grunge sound.

The album features powerful and emotionally charged tracks, with lead singer Skin’s distinctive vocals at the forefront. Songs like “Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)” and “Weak” showcase the band’s ability to address personal and societal issues with intensity and passion.

Stoosh was a commercial success and received critical acclaim for its raw energy and lyrical depth. It captured the zeitgeist of the mid-’90s alternative rock scene and remains a standout work in Skunk Anansie’s discography, exemplifying their unapologetic approach to music and their willingness to tackle important themes through their songs.

How to find this hidden track

On CD: Play through track #11 (“Glorious Pop Song”)

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