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Sister Machine Gun: Burn

About “Strange Days”

“Strange Days” is a hidden song by Sister Machine Gun from their album Burn.

“Strange Days” was originally recorded by American rock band The Doors, released in 1967 on their album Strange Days. The song was written by the band’s iconic frontman, Jim Morrison, and it embodies the psychedelic and poetic essence of The Doors’ music.

“Strange Days” is characterized by its dreamlike and enigmatic lyrics, which are a hallmark of Morrison’s songwriting. The song explores themes of uncertainty and disorientation, reflecting the turbulent cultural and social climate of the 1960s.

“Strange Days” is often regarded as one of The Doors’ classic compositions, showcasing their ability to blend rock, blues, and psychedelic influences into a unique and enduring sound. It remains a significant part of their legacy and is a testament to the band’s impact on the rock music landscape of the 1960s.

About Burn

Burn is the third studio album by Sister Machine Gun, the Chicago-based industrial rock band led by musician and producer Chris Randall. Released in 1995, the album is a milestone in the band’s career and the industrial rock genre.

Burn fuses elements of industrial, electronic, and rock music, creating a dynamic and intense sonic experience. The album is known for its relentless energy, distorted guitars, pulsating rhythms, and Randall’s gritty vocals. It features tracks like “Not My God” and “Inside,” which exemplify the album’s aggressive and confrontational style.

Lyrically, Burn delves into themes of rebellion, alienation, and social commentary, reflecting the industrial music tradition of addressing political and societal issues.

The album received positive reviews for its sonic innovation and lyrical depth, cementing Sister Machine Gun’s status as a respected act in the industrial rock scene. Burn remains a key release in the band’s discography and a notable contribution to the industrial music genre of the 1990s.

How to find “Strange Days

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track #1

Listen to “Strange Days”

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