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Sia: Some People Have Real Problems

About “Buttons”

“Buttons” is a hidden song by Sia from her album Some People Have Real Problems.

“Buttons” was written by Freescha and Sia Furler. It appears as a hidden track only on the international edition of Some People Have Real Problems; on the original Australian version it appears as a regular listed track. In Australia it was the album’s first single.

“Buttons” is a catchy and upbeat track that combines elements of pop and soul. The song is characterized by its infectious melody, vibrant instrumentation, and Sia’s powerful vocals. Lyrically, it explores themes of desire, attraction, and the irresistible pull of a romantic connection. Sia’s emotive delivery adds depth to the song’s lyrics, making it a compelling and relatable piece of music.

The song received positive reviews from critics and contributed to Sia’s growing recognition as a talented singer and songwriter. It became a fan favorite and remains a notable part of her discography.

Sia’s career has since skyrocketed, with numerous hit songs and collaborations with top artists. “Buttons” serves as a reminder of her early work and the unique blend of pop and soul that has defined her music throughout her career.

About Some People Have Real Problems

Some People Have Real Problems is the fourth studio album by the exceptionally talented Australian singer-songwriter Sia. Released in 2008, the album marks a pivotal moment in her career, showcasing her evolution as an artist and her distinctive blend of pop, soul, and indie influences.

The album’s title reflects its thematic depth, delving into personal struggles and universal issues with Sia’s signature emotional intensity. Songs like “Breathe Me” and “Soon We’ll Be Found” resonate with listeners due to their poignant lyrics and Sia’s remarkable vocal range.

Some People Have Real Problems received critical acclaim for its sincerity and musical versatility. It cemented Sia’s reputation as a gifted songwriter and vocalist, paving the way for her continued success in the music industry. The album remains a fan favorite and a testament to Sia’s ability to craft emotionally resonant music that speaks to the human experience.

How to find “Buttons”

On CD: Begins at 2:06 of track 13 (“Lullaby”)

Listen to “Buttons”

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