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SHeDAISY: Knock On The Sky

About “Knock On The Sky”

“Knock On The Sky” is a hidden song by SHeDAISY from their album Knock On The Sky.

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About Knock On The Sky

Knock On The Sky is the third studio album by the talented country music trio SHeDAISY, released in 2002. This album further solidified SHeDAISY’s reputation for delivering harmonious and infectious country-pop songs that resonated with a broad audience.

One of the standout tracks from the album is “Get Over Yourself,” a catchy and upbeat song that became a hit single and remains one of the group’s signature tunes. The album as a whole showcases the sisters’ tight vocal harmonies, which have always been a hallmark of their sound.

Knock On The Sky maintains the group’s characteristic blend of country and pop influences, with songs like “Mine All Mine” and “Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing” offering relatable lyrics and melodies that are both radio-friendly and emotionally resonant.

While the album may not have reached the same commercial heights as their debut, it stands as a testament to SHeDAISY’s musical prowess and their ability to consistently deliver enjoyable, harmonically rich country music.

How to find “Knock On The Sky”

On CD: Begins after about 15 minutes of silence following the end of the last track (“Keep Me”)

Listen to “Knock On The Sky”

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