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Seasick Steve: Dog House Music

About “12 Dog Blues”

“12 Dog Blues” is a hidden song by Seasick Steve from his album Dog House Music.

A monologue by Steve telling about a faithful dog named Trixie that he once owned. Once, upon his release after being arrested, Trixie was waiting for him 60 miles away from where he left her six months earlier. She later had 12 puppies, which she cared for until one day when she left and never came back, leaving Steve with the 12 puppies. The story is followed by “12 Dog Blues” featuring Steve on guitar and his son P.M. Wold on drums.

About Dog House Music

Dog House Music is the second studio album by Seasick Steve, released in 2006. Seasick Steve, whose real name is Steven Gene Wold, is known for his raw and authentic approach to blues and rock music. This album, like much of his work, captures the essence of American roots music with a modern twist.

Dog House Music features Seasick Steve’s trademark slide guitar playing and gravelly vocals. The title itself refers to his custom-made, three-stringed guitar fashioned out of old hubcaps and a broomstick, giving his sound a distinctive and bluesy quality.

The album includes tracks like “Cheap,” “8 Ball,” and “Treat Yo Mama” that showcase Seasick Steve’s storytelling prowess and his connection to the hardships and simple pleasures of life. Dog House Music received critical acclaim and helped establish Seasick Steve as a prominent figure in the blues and rock music scenes. It’s an excellent representation of his authentic and heartfelt approach to music.

How to find “12 Dog Blues”

On CD: Begins seven seconds after the end of “I’m Gone” (track #13)

Listen to “12 Dog Blues”

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