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Sammy Hagar: Ten 13

About “Maui Wowie”

“Maui Wowie” is a hidden song by Sammy Hagar from his album Ten 13.

It is the very last song on the disc and there is a long pause after the last listed track. It starts with the sound of someone (Sammy?) lighting and toking something and then goes into a ukelele instrumental.

About Ten 13

Sammy Hagar’s album Ten 13, released in 2000, marked the Red Rocker’s return to his hard rock roots. It features ten tracks that showcase his trademark high-energy rock sound, including tracks such as “Shaka Doobie (The Limit)” and “Serious Juju.”

Ten 13 features guest appearances from Sammy’s former Van Halen bandmate, Michael Anthony, as well as Journey guitarist Neal Schon. The song “The Real Deal” also features an appearance from Kid Rock, adding a bit of southern rock flair to the album.

Ten 13 touches on themes such as love, loss, and the ups and downs of life, all with Hagar’s signature positive outlook. The album received mixed reviews from critics, but was well received by Hagar’s fanbase, who appreciated the return to his hard rock roots.

How to find “Maui Wowie”

On CD: Play through the last track

Listen to “Maui Wowie”

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