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The Roots: Phrenology

About “Rhymes and Ammo”

“Rhymes and Ammo” is a hidden song by The Roots from their album Phrenology.

Tracks 15 & 16 are blank; track 17 contains two songs, both unlisted: “Rhymes and Ammo” is the first song and was originally found on the Rawkus Records compilation Soundbombing III from 2002. It is followed by “Thirsty!“.

About Phrenology

Released in 2002, Phrenology is a pivotal album by The Roots, a band renowned for their inventive take on hip-hop. Melding diverse musical elements like jazz, soul, and rock, the album shatters genre boundaries. The tracks, including the iconic “The Seed (2.0)” and “Break You Off,” showcase the band’s musical versatility. Lyrically, Phrenology delves into themes of self-discovery, societal struggles, and personal evolution. The title itself alludes to a pseudoscientific practice, reflecting the album’s exploration of human complexities.

Black Thought’s lyrical prowess shines on tracks like “Thought @ Work,” while the band’s instrumental proficiency elevates the album’s sonic landscape. Phrenology solidifies The Roots’ reputation as musical pioneers, unafraid to experiment while maintaining their signature authenticity. It stands as a testament to the band’s ability to fuse social commentary and innovative sounds, leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape and resonating with listeners who appreciate artistry that challenges norms.

How to find “Rhymes and Ammo”

On CD: Go directly to track #17

Listen to “Rhymes and Ammo”

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