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Rolling Stones: Dirty Work

About “Key To The Highway (excerpt)”

“Key To The Highway (excerpt)” is a hidden song by Rolling Stones from their album Dirty Work.

Dirty Work was dedicated to Rolling Stones co-founder and keyboardist Ian Stewart, who died just after session for Dirty Work had completed. The album closes with Stewart performing an excerpt from the blues standard “Key To The Highway”.

About Dirty Work

Dirty Work is the 18th studio album by the iconic rock band The Rolling Stones, released in 1986. The album marked a transitional phase for the band as they navigated personal and professional challenges. The departure of Mick Jagger’s longtime partner Keith Richards, coupled with tensions within the group, influenced the album’s raw and edgy sound. Despite the challenges, the album showcases the Stones’ ability to craft memorable rock tracks like “Harlem Shuffle” and “One Hit (to the Body).” While not as universally acclaimed as some of their earlier work, Dirty Work still managed to capture the band’s signature charisma and musical prowess. The album is a reminder of The Rolling Stones’ enduring influence on rock music and their ability to adapt to changing times while maintaining their distinct style.

How to find “Key To The Highway (excerpt)”

On CD: Go directly to track #11

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