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Robbie Williams: The Ego Has Landed

About “Hello Sir”

“Hello Sir” is a hidden song by Robbie Williams from his album The Ego Has Landed.

Robbie reciting a poem addressed to a former teacher who ridiculed him for wanting to become a pop singer.

About The Ego Has Landed

Robbie Williams’ album The Ego Has Landed, released in 1999, marked his official introduction to the American music scene after gaining immense popularity in Europe. It’s a compilation album that combines tracks from his previous solo albums, “Life thru a Lens” and “I’ve Been Expecting You,” tailor-made for the American market. The album features hit singles like “Millennium” and “Angels,” showcasing Robbie’s knack for catchy pop melodies and charismatic vocals. The Ego Has Landed effectively propelled him to stardom in the United States, establishing him as a dynamic entertainer with a knack for blending rock and pop influences while retaining his cheeky charm.

How to find “Hello Sir”

On CD: Play through the last track (“One of God’s Better People”)

Listen to “Hello Sir”

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