Robbie Williams: “Outtakes” from Swing When You’re Winning

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Robbie Williams: Swing When You're Winning

About “Outtakes”

“Outtakes” is a hidden song by Robbie Williams from his album Swing When You’re Winning.

A reprise of “Beyond The Sea” and some selected album outtakes.

About Swing When You’re Winning

Robbie Williams’ album Swing When You’re Winning, released in 2001, is a surprising departure from his pop-rock roots as he delves into the world of swing and big band music. It’s a tribute to the classics, featuring collaborations with artists like Frank Sinatra on “It Was a Very Good Year” and “Something Stupid” with Nicole Kidman. Williams’ charismatic crooning shines throughout the album, adding his own modern twist to timeless standards. The album’s bold reinvention showcases his versatility as an artist and earned critical acclaim, cementing his status as a multifaceted entertainer and expanding his appeal to a new audience beyond his pop fanbase.

How to find “Outtakes”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Beyond The Sea”)

Listen to “Outtakes”

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