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Relient K: MMHMM

About “MMHMM”

“MMHMM” is a hidden song by Relient K from their album MMHMM.

Just a 15 second-long song. Lead singer Matthew T. made a public comment about hidden tracks being dumb, and this put this on the CD, along with “Silly Shoes” to intentionally contradict what he said.


Released in 2004, MMHMM is the fourth studio album by Relient K, a pop punk and alternative rock band from Ohio. The album showcases the band’s evolution, featuring more polished production and a more mature sound while still retaining their trademark humor and catchy hooks.

MMHMM explores themes of growing up, faith, relationships, and the struggles of young adulthood. The album’s clever lyrics and relatable themes resonated with fans and critics alike, earning it widespread acclaim.

With standout tracks like “Be My Escape,” “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been,” and “High of 75,” MMHMM became a commercial success and solidified Relient K’s position as one of the leading bands in the pop punk genre.

The album’s balance of emotional depth and infectious melodies has made MMHMM a fan-favorite and a classic in the band’s discography.

How to find “MMHMM”

On CD: Rewind past the beginning of track #1 (“The One I’m Waiting For”)

Listen to “MMHMM”

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