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Radiohead: Pablo Honey

About “Creep (edited version)”

“Creep (edited version)” is a hidden song by Radiohead from their album Pablo Honey.

This is the radio-friendly edit of “Creep.”

About Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey is the debut studio album by the English rock band Radiohead, released in 1993. The album features a blend of alternative rock, grunge, and post-punk influences, setting the stage for Radiohead’s later experimentation and evolution.

The standout track from the album is undoubtedly “Creep,” which became an international hit and brought the band into the spotlight. Its raw and anguished lyrics resonated with audiences, capturing feelings of alienation and self-doubt. However, Pablo Honey is not solely defined by this one track. Songs like “Anyone Can Play Guitar,” “Stop Whispering,” and “Blow Out” showcase Radiohead’s emerging songwriting talent and their ability to create catchy yet introspective music.

While Pablo Honey may not have the same sonic complexity and depth as Radiohead’s later works, it provides a glimpse into the band’s early sound and hints at the potential that would be fully realized in their subsequent albums. It stands as an important starting point in Radiohead’s discography, laying the foundation for their groundbreaking musical journey.

How to find “Creep (edited version)”

On CD: Go directly to track #13

Listen to “Creep (edited version)”

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