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Prince: The Rainbow Children

About “Last December (Reprise)”

“Last December (Reprise)” is a hidden song by Prince from his album The Rainbow Children.

Tracks 14-20 are 4 second long (except track 20, which is 8 seconds long) silent tracks. Track 21 is 38 seconds long and gradually fades into a repeating loop of vocals singing “one”.

About The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children is the twenty-fourth studio album by the American musician Prince, released in 2001. The album showcases Prince’s exploration of spiritual and religious themes, incorporating elements of funk, jazz, and R&B.

The Rainbow Children is a concept album that tells a story centered around a fictional mythology involving the Rainbow Children, who represent a unified and enlightened society. The album features complex arrangements, intricate instrumentations, and Prince’s virtuosic guitar playing.

Known for its experimental and progressive sound, the album incorporates various musical influences, including psychedelic rock, fusion jazz, and gospel. It features tracks such as “The Work, Pt. 1,” “Muse 2 the Pharaoh,” and the title track “The Rainbow Children.”

Although The Rainbow Children received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since gained a cult following among Prince’s fans and is regarded as a unique and bold entry in his discography. The album showcases Prince’s artistic vision and willingness to push boundaries, making it a notable addition to his body of work.

How to find “Last December (Reprise)”

On CD: Go directly to track #21

Listen to “Last December (Reprise)”

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