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About “H. K. Farewell”

“H. K. Farewell” is a hidden song by Placebo from their album Placebo.

A gentle instrumental track with a piano and guitar(s). Also known as “Honk Kong Farewell”.

“…it was instrumental. We just kind of… (It was before… became Chinese again!) I don’t know, but we were stoned! LOL! It was 3am, the end of the recording session! ” – Placebo Interview, Hkclubbing, 2004

About Placebo

The Placebo album Placebo is the debut studio album by the English alternative rock band, released in 1996. It gained significant attention for its unique blend of glam rock, punk, and alternative influences, establishing Placebo’s distinctive sound and image.

Placebo features a mix of introspective and darkly poetic lyrics, delivered by lead vocalist Brian Molko with his distinct androgynous vocals. Tracks like “Nancy Boy,” “36 Degrees,” and “Teenage Angst” showcase the band’s edgy sound and Molko’s emotive singing style.

Placebo received critical acclaim and helped establish the band’s reputation as one of the leading acts of the ’90s alternative rock scene. It garnered a dedicated fan base and laid the foundation for Placebo’s subsequent success. The album’s combination of raw energy, introspective lyrics, and memorable melodies solidified its place as a classic within the alternative rock genre.

How to find “H. K. Farewell”

On CD: Begins at 14:52 of track 10 (“Swallow”)

Listen to “H. K. Farewell”

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