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Placebo: Black Market Music

About “Black Market Blood”

“Black Market Blood” is a hidden song by Placebo from their album Black Market Music.

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About Black Market Music

Black Market Music is the third studio album by Placebo, released in 2000. It marked another evolution in their sound, blending alternative rock with elements of electronic and industrial music.

Black Market Music showcases a darker and edgier side of Placebo, both musically and lyrically. The album delves into themes of addiction, sexuality, and personal struggles, capturing a raw and introspective atmosphere. Tracks like “Taste in Men,” “Slave to the Wage,” and “Special K” exemplify the album’s blend of aggressive guitar riffs, electronic beats, and frontman Brian Molko’s signature emotive vocals.

The album received positive reviews for its bold experimentation and confident songwriting. It continued to build on Placebo’s success and solidified their reputation as a unique and influential alternative rock band. Black Market Music remains a fan favorite, showcasing Placebo’s ability to push boundaries while maintaining their distinctive sound.

How to find “Black Market Blood”

On CD: Begins at 10:14 of track 12 (“Peeping Tom”)

Listen to “Black Market Blood”

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